Kente Cloth – Introduction

002-300x200 Kente Cloth - IntroductionKente (“KEN-tay”) is considered to be the most famous of all African textiles, and one of the World’s most complicated weavings.  A genuine kente cloth is made by the Ewe and Ashanti weavers in Ghana, a country in Africa.  This cloth is special as it is worn as a piece of clothing and each pattern design has a name and a special meaning.  The origins of kente cloth is sometimes said to date back to the 12th century but the exact date is unknown.  In the past, royalty and important figures of society wore this cloth for very special occasions.  Today, kente cloth is worn by people of all social status.

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Graduation and Fraternity/Sorority Kente Stoles

Individual membership to one’s sorority or fraternity is a stark source of pride for students and alumni alike. It’s a link that exists even once one’s college days come to a close. Discovery of a shared membership has the power to connect people instantly. Without question, sorority and fraternity stoles are the perfect way to display pride and dedication for one’s organization after the group house has been left behind.

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African Print Folding Hand Fan

Ghanaians are known for their artistic talent and innovation. Borrowing from the spirit of kente cloth, African Print Folding Hand Fans are meticulously crafted from kente inspired print and real genuine leather. These fans are a great showcase of African Art and at the same time a stylish way to cool yourself off.
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African Art

African art varies greatly, from wooden hand carved figures to paintings to handmade fabrics like Kente Cloth and Batik cloth art.  The different countries of Africa each share similar artistic heritages and you will find that art from different areas of Africa share similar styles and qualities, although specific cultures place their own signatures on their arts. In Ghana, you will find that Kente Cloth is the signature art of the country.  Continue reading African Art

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