Fraternity and Sorority Kente Stoles

Individual membership to one’s sorority or fraternity is a stark source of pride for students and alumni alike. It’s a link that exists even once one’s college days come to a close. Discovery of a shared membership has the power to connect people instantly. Without question, sorority and fraternity stoles are the perfect way to display pride and dedication for one’s organization after the group house has been left behind.

The memories, of course, play an important part in what lends the stole its lasting importance. Without question, graduation will hold a special place among these. On that day the stole is worn with dignity and honor; the bright colors of sororities and fraternities elegantly draped over each member’s shoulders.  What better way to exhibit one’s passion for his or her respective organization?

Clearly, quality is not something to be compromised when it comes to the stole’s construction and composition. Nothing but the absolute best should be worn on graduation day. Additionally, because it is to be something worth treasuring, it must be capable of remaining an impressive, striking piece of memorabilia for the alumnus. This requires superb resources and skill to create. Look to Kente Cloth LLC to provide such a quality stole.

Below are various stoles and paraphernalia for fraternities and sororities. They can be ordered by visiting the Greek Kente Stoles section of our site. Just tell us which one you want. It’s that easy. We carry stoles for:

Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA)
Alpha Phi Alpha (ΑΦΑ)
Delta Sigma Theta (ΔΣΘ)
Kappa Alpha Psi (KAΨ)
Omega Psi Phi (ΩΨΦ)
Phi Beta Sigma (ΦΒΣ)
Sigma Gamma Rho (ΣΓΡ)
Zeta Phi Beta (ΖΦΒ)
Iota Phi Theta (ΙΦΘ)

Fraternity and Sorority Kente Stoles

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