Kente Lesson Plan

To teach children about Kente cloth

  1. first explain to them what the different colors of Kente cloth symbolize
  2. next explain to them what the different patterns mean
  3. write down these meanings on the blackboard so that they can remember
  4. now provide them with crayons and paper and ask them to draw the kente cloth they would like to wear (this will help them internalize the meaning of the colors and symbols and relate it to their own lives)
  5. have them show the class the Kente cloth they have designed and explain the meaning of the different colors and symbols they have chosen and why they chose them.
  6. you may want to display their Kente Cloth Art around the classroom or around the blackboard as a border

Alternatively, you may print out a free Kente Cloth Coloring Book for children to use in creating their own Kente Cloth.

kente1 Kente Lesson Plan kente2 Kente Lesson Plan kente3 Kente Lesson Plan

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