Textiles in Ghana – A YouTube Documentary

This Open University YouTube video playlist discusses the making, history and selling of Kente and Adinkra in the Kumasi market in Africa.

Video 1: What is Kente?

Video 2: What is the history of Kente?

Video 3: What materials are used in the making of Kente?

Video 4: How is Kente made?

Video 5: Who makes Kente?

Video 6: What do Kente designs mean?

Video 7: What are the functions of Kente?

Video 8: How do Kente weavers train?

Video 9: What is Adinkra?

Video 10: What is the history of Adinkra?

Video 11: How is Adinkra made?

Video 12: Who makes Adinkra?

Video 13: What are the functions of Adinkra?

Video 14: How do makers of Adinkra train?

Video 15: Wax prints and fancy prints in Kumasi Market

Video 16: Marketing Cloth in Ghana


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